CPC First Qualification

CPC First Qualification, you have to:


get the professional driver of a lorry or bus (who works as a professional driver) and holds a driving licence:

Those who acquired (without the CPC) :

  • From 10 September 2009 onwards driving licence of C1, C1 + E or C, C + E subcategories.
  • From 10 September 2008 and then driving licence of subcategories D1, D1 + E or categories D, D + E.

According to Π.Δ. 74 on the adaptation of Greek legislation to Directive 2003/59 / ΕK of the European Parliament and of the Council, regarding the first qualification training of drivers, of certain road transport vehicles, used for the carriage of goods or passengers, professional drivers  they must obtain CPC so they will be able to practice their occupation and also get their licence with code 95.


C1, C1+E, C, C+E

from 10/9/2009 onwards


D1, D1+E, D, D+E

from 10-9-2008 onwards


Only with exams

Theory & Practical

In order to acquire the CPC First Qualification you should have theory and practical exams:


  • For Lorry licence (C1 ή C categories) check here
  • For Bus licence (D1 ή D categories) check here

The Education & Examination Bulletin will need to be issued in order, therefore, to:

  • be a greekΑΦΜ  holder
  • 2 passport type photos (4cm x 6cm)
  • you have a Greek Identity or residence or work permit (valid for at least 185 days)
  • Own a lorry or bus driving licence
  • Publish & pay the following fees (from e-paravolo):
    • 30€ (Driver’s license form code 28)
    • 20€ (Theoretical Examination CPC code 26)
    • 20€ (Qualification and Behavior CPCTest Code 27)

Total cost of the procedure :70€

CPC first qualification requires the driver’s examination at a theoretical and practical level which is  planned and takes part on the Department of Transport and Communications of the Country.


The theoretical examination is done electronically through the Theoretical Examinations Computerization System. and includes 2 tests with multiple choice questions in which the driver should correctly answer at least 36 of the 60 questions, over a 150-minute period and 2 case studies in which the driver should score at least 24 points out of 40 the full development of both themes is scored. The test duration for the second test is 90 minutes.

The practical examination consists of a 30-minute oral exam and a 90-minute driving test.

: 2ώρες


For lorries

Cargo transport CPC


For buses

Passengers transport CPC


Are you a new driver?

First qualification CPC (Theory & Practical exams)


Are you an experienced driver?

Periodic CPC (Seminar attendance)

According to Π.Δ. 74  and with the European Directive on “Lifelong Learning for Professionals” depending on whether it is a new driver (for someone who gets now the driving licence of the respective category) or for an old one (in-service driver) CPC is distinguished in:

CPC first qualification

It is obtained by success in the additional (Driver’s Diploma) Theoretical and Practical Exams and is required to be possessed by those who have acquired or will acquire:

  • From 10 September 2009 onwards driving licence of C1, C1 + E subcategories  or C, C + E categories
  • From September 10, 2008 and then driving licence of subcategories D1, D1 + E or categories D, D + E.
First CPC qualification does not have compulsory education (neither theoretical nor practical) but has a Theoretical and Practical Examination in addition to examinations for the driving category.

CPC periodic training

You should follow the theory training program of at least 35 hours (without  examination) or 42 hours for simultaneous training at the CPC for Freight and Passengers at the Driving School / CPC Center and are obliged having it the drivers:

  • (a) C1, C1 + E subcategories or C, C + E categories, from 9 September 2014 onwards and having obtained a driving licence before 9 September 2009.
  • (b) subcategories D1, D1 + E or categories D, D + E from 9 September 2013 onwards and having obtained a driving licence before 9 September 2008.

In order to acquire the Certificate of professional competence (CPC) periodic training (either freight or passengers transportation), you must attend 35 hours of theoretical training at the CPC School and obtain the Certificate of Attendance, which you must deposit in the Region of your place of residence.

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